Dale Alcock Apprenticeships

We have the Dale Alcock Apprenticeship Program which provides excellent career opportunities within the building industry. Our aim is to ensure we train quality trades for the sustainable future of the company. We currently have 46 apprentices and have successfully graduated 74 since the program started in 2004.

There are a lot of opportunities for apprentices in the long term within Dale Alcock Homes. We provide apprentices a lot of support and guidance throughout their apprenticeships and beyond once they have gratuated. They receive the best onsite training which helps transform apprentices into sub-contrators where many have ended up running their own businesses.

Being an apprentice with Dale Alcock Homes is both a rewarding and challenging experience. Dale Alcock Homes is an industry leader and provides sub-contractors with a number of benefits.

  • Supportive working culture
  • Fortnightly pay
  • Consistant work
  • Great working environment


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Our apprentices are enthusiastic, motivated and enjoy working for Dale Alcock Homes. We currently have 34 apprentices on board. Fill out the application form to join the team.



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HEAR FROM SOME OF OUR APPRENTICES                                                       

Hear from the apprentices themselves - why they like working for Dale Alcock Homes, what are the benefits and how they started. View their stories.




We look forward to receiving your application at apprenticeships@dalealcock.com.au